System on Module (SOM)


System on Module (SOM) plays a pivotal role in embedded systems by providing pre-designed and integrated components, reducing development time and complexity.

Section 1: Understanding System on Module(SOM)

Define what a System on Module (SOM) is and its role in embedded systems development?

A SOM is a compact, self-contained computing that integrates essential components like CPU, memory, and I/O interfaces, facilitating rapid development in embedded systems.

Section 2: The Advantages of Calixto System SOM

Highlight the unique features and advantages of SOM manufactured by your company?

Calixto System SOMs empower developers with plug-and-play functionality, comprehensive documentation, and dedicated support, ensuring streamlined prototyping, scalability, and reliability in diverse embedded applications.

System on Module (SOM)

Section 3: Applications of SOMs

Explore the diverse range of applications where SOM excel, such as IoT devices, industrial automation, medical devices, automotive system, and more?

SOM shine in IoT devices, industrial automation, medical equipment, automotive systems, and beyond, offering adaptable solutions for diverse embedded applications.


Experience the pinnacle of embedded technology with Calixto System SOM, delivering cutting-edge features, seamless integration, and unmatched quality for next-generation solutions.

SOM from Calixto System

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