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Our End-to-End Design cycle expertise for Affordable, Scalable, and optimum solutions, coupled with our extensive expertise in embedded systems hardware testing and validation, helps our customers solve complex problems and reduce time to market.

Hardware testing and Validation

Customized SOM

Remember that fitting a SOM requires a good understanding of the algorithm, the data, and the problem you are trying to solve.
Hardware testing and Validation

Customized Wireless Gateway

Customizing a wireless gateway requires a deep understanding of network protocols, wireless technologies, and system integration.
Hardware testing and Validation

Mechanical design

Mechanical design is a field of engineering that deals with the development, analysis and optimization of mechanical systems and components.


Manufacturing processes can vary widely depending on the industry, product complexity, scale of production, and other factors.

Hardware testing and Validation

To ensure accurate and reliable hardware testing and validation, it is important to establish rigorous test protocols, follow industry best practices, and use specialized test equipment and tools.

After Market support

By providing comprehensive and responsive customer service, you can increase customer satisfaction, build brand loyalty, and make your company stand out in the marketplace.
system on module manufacturers

Ready to use SOMs

Choose the one that best fits your preferred programming language, customization needs, and integration requirements.

Wireless Gateways

Gateways provide companies with a convenient and cost-effective way to offer branded hardware solutions while focusing on their core business.

Industrial HMIs

Companies can leverage existing HMI platforms while maintaining their brand identity and providing a user interface that meets their specific needs.


It can be customised or adjusted to the needs and desires of the user. This term is often used in a variety of contexts, including technologies, products, services, and experiences.


Used as evidence of the quality, reliability, and track record of a product, system, or solution to assure potential users or customers that it has been tested under real-world conditions and proven effective.


Usually refers to the rapid deployment or introduction of a product, service, or project. It implies the ability to launch or introduce something quickly and efficiently, often with the goal of minimizing delays and time to market.


Indian resources, labor, and expertise. It can stand for a variety of factors, such as compliance with Indian production standards, adherence to local regulations, and contribution to the country’s economic growth.

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