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Ready to Use | SOMs

System On Module

System on Module is to simplify the development process of electronic devices by offering a ready-made platform that can be easily integrated into a larger system.


Rugged | Gateways

Wireless Gateway

A wireless local area network (WLAN) or a wired network. It acts as an intermediary between the devices and the internet or a wider network.


Os Ready | Smart HMI

Industrial Grade HMI

HMI using visual representations of the components in a given machine in an industrial manufacturing and automation environment.


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Share Requirement

We capture your requirements and identify the suitable SOM or Gateway.


SOM with a custom board or Our Ready to Use Products which can address your requirement.


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Quick PoC

Let us start building MVP. Different support systems are available based on your need.


We build a Custom motherboard Simple MVP app to demonstrate  Integration support.


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launch MVP

MVP is a great way to quickly validate your idea and gather feedback from users.


The key to a successful MVP is to stay agile, listen to your users, and be willing to adapt your product based on the insights gained during the development process.

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About Us

Calixto Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 company with design and manufacturing capabilities.
Our Products and Solutions are highly optimized to meet present-day demands of products in the Consumer, Healthcare, Industrial and Utility space.

Calixto Design and Manufacture SOM and Field-Proven Industrial Solutions.




Calixto Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 company with design and manufacturing capabilities.

Field Proven SOM | Gateways

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Master in our space

Calixto has executed a wide range of Industrial, Building, and Automotive applications projects.

In House design & Manufacturing

Calixto has its own in-house design, manufacturing and support to have full control of the development cycle.

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