system on modules soms

Solve Import Duties Problems by Selecting Calixto systems

Chinese issue with offloading System On Modules (SOMs)

  • Distance: Chinese System On Modules (SOMs) must be registered before importing them. It takes at least 60 days for the SOMs to Land in India. It take so many days because of the distance between China and India.
  • Time: You have to order it and wait 60 days for it so your time is also wasted.
  • Cost: When you Import from China the tax you have to pay here is not constant and may increase or decrease, so your money will be more expenses.
system on modules soms

The solution to this:

Use Calixto systems to solve the problems. Calixto systems SOMs are manufactured in India and Bangalore. So your Time, Distance and Cost problems are solved.

  • Distance: Our SOMs are manufactured in India. So our SOMs are not exported and not imported so we will be the fastest delivered to customers within 10 days.
  • Time: Since we manufacture System On Modules (SOMs) in India. Customers will save our time by getting SOMs from our company.
  • Cost: As we manufactured in India there is no export – import duty. So it won’t cost you much money. This way customers can save money.

SOM from Calixto System

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